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2017 Winter Camp @ NWFC     Dec 27, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017
Northwest Fencing Center: Beaverton, OR FOIL & EPEE CAMP Join special guests, NWFC coaches and competitive fencers for a winter camp featuring great bouting, critical thinking and video observation. And you could even secure a 2018 rating at the New Year Open Tournament!
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Map to 4950 SW Western Ave Beaverton OR 97005
61 Preregistrations
Fencer Club
Abtin, Aryana NWFC / NWFC
Aguinaldo, Francis NWFC
Barnes, Olivia NWFC / HIGHDES
Brown, Jacob NWFC / HDFC
Campos, Jesus BHFC
Choi, Isaac NWFC
Choo, Joseph NWFC
Comes, Matthew OSU / (NONE)
Crotchett, Kaiden OSU / NWFC
Crouse, Wolfe ALLIANCE / UNAT
Deshmukh, Ayush AFC
Eno, Megan NWFC
Espinosa, Julia NWFC
Faubert, Andy NWFC / EBFG
Faubert, Joci
Frank, Fred NWFC
Frank, Timmy NWFC / NWFC
Han, Andersen MTFC
Harbury, Alexandra NWFC
Kale, Anika NWFC
Khayat, Ziad U.C.S.D.
Kim, Elisabeth "Gracie" MTFC
Lampson, Dolly NWFC / RCFC
Lange, Henry NWFC / NWFC
Lee, Andrew O MTFC
Lee, Benjamin MTFC
Lee, Caroline NWFC
Lee, Jessica MTFC
Lee, Nathaniel NWFC
Lei, Jacob NWFC
Lei, Joshua NWFC
Levy, Jacob FFA
Levy, Zachari FFA
Lucas, Jeff NWFC / RCFC
McGaw, Julian NWFC
McGaw, Maia NWFC
McLoudrey, Callan NWFC
Nguyen, Cuong BB-FC
Nguyen, Ethan BB-FC
Nguyen, Kaylin BB-FC
Nister, Jonathan RCFC
Otake, Jared FFA / UNAT
Pak, Tommy MTFC
Park, Yoohyun NWFC
Parker, Rosie NWFC / NWFC
Phillips, Jasper NWFC
Phillips, Konon NWFC
Pickering, Owen NWFC
Rayle, Evan NWFC
Romero, Caleb SUMMERLIN
Schmugar, Brooke NWFC
Selchow, Anna NWFC / NWFC
Serban, Joseph NWFC
Strugar, Marcus NWFC
Summers, Mari NWFC / NWFC
Tesche, Askhat NWFC
Verkhovodova, Polina NWFC / NWFC
Vogler, Justin NWFC
Volkmann, Daniel NWFC / UNAT
Welch, Ryan NWFC
Yen, Natalie NWFC