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Referee Clinic     May 21, 2017
Iowa City Fencing Center: Iowa City, IA Whether you want to become a fencing referee, improve your skills, or just want to better understand what referees are thinking when you fence, you can benefit from attending this clinic.See the "more information" section for details about this great day!
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Map to 415 Highland Avenue, Suite 200 Iowa City IA 52240
30 Preregistrations
Fencer Club
Carra, Trevor CF
Cox, Sofia ICFC-IA
Dale, Adrian ICFC-IA
Decker, Evan ICFC-IA / UI
Desaulniers, Allison CF
Harms, Alexander DMFC
Hooper, Nathan ICFC-IA
Houtman, Connor ICFC-IA
Kirkpatrick, Preston CF
Klein, Dennis DMFC
Knight, Ethan DMFC
Lampe, Kameran CF
Miller, Levi CF
Miller, Mattea CF / VHSFC
Morabe, Maria ICFC-IA / UI
Nehring, Troy DMFC
O'Donnell, Judy ICFC-IA
O'Harrow, Tristan ICFC-IA
Penar, Bradley DMFC
Perez, Bernardo ICFC-IA
Pettit, Emily ICFC-IA
Pettit, Jeff ICFC-IA
Pettit, Sara ICFC-IA / EFC
Piazza, James DMFC
Powell, Kevin RDF
Prince, Matthew UNAT
Tierney, Luke ICFC-IA / UI
Timmons, Sarah RDF
Vinel, Shanrae'l ICFC-IA
Yu, Dong UI / UI