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CenCal Referee Seminar with Peter Burchard     May 20, 2017
The Fencing Center of San Jose: San Jose, CA Maestro Peter Burchard will conduct the seminar on Saturday, May 20 from 9:00 - 5:00. Then a tournament to allow the attendees to practice and be observed will be held on Sunday, May 21.
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Map to 1290 S. 1st Street San Jose CA 95110
39 Preregistrations
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Arieta, Ryan GPS / GPS
Bacher, Brian TFC
Barca-Hall, Tristan SSC
Bourges-Sevenier, Brendan M. TOUCHE
Chu, Audrey AFM
Chu, Ethan AFM / LHS
Clarke, Genevieve CFA
Colette, Michael TOUCHE
Haq, Iman CARD
Jiang, Ellen TFC
Kaloper, Sofia
Kim, Paul
Leang, Andrea
Leang, Priscilla AFM
Lee, Michelle TFC
Lei, Jacob AFM
Lei, Joshua AFM
Luh, Ethan SVF
Mao, Connor
Martinez, Donavyn FFA
Menegoli, Lorenzo TFC
Meng, Bolang Brend PEN
Miele, Ben WBFC
Miller, Kevin DFA / UCDFC
Rakhimi, Marat AFM
Sharma, Sanil AFM
Soin, Anika
Song, Lawrence TOUCHE
Tsang Jaffe, Avi WBFC
Tulyag, Fyze FFA
Tung, Paul UNAT
Uzgiris, Arejas WBFC
Uzgiris, Kovas WBFC
Uzgiris, Sarunas WBFC
Vlassova, Anastasia TOUCHE
Wachtel, Eliot WBFC
Xu, Michelle
Zhang, Rachel AFM
Zutshi, Anshul TFC