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Sabre Intensive at Infinity Fencing Alliance     Oct 22, 2022
Infinity Fencing Alliance : Woolwich Twp, NJ Oct 22 (11:00 am-2:00 pm). Taught by Maitre de Sabre Wang Yung, the goals are to learn a system of footwork and blade-work that has earned his students multiple World Championships. Pre-registration & payment are required by Wednesday before Intensive
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   Map to 50 Paulsboro Road Woolwich Twp NJ 08085
posted 08/17/2022
More Info
These Sabre Intensives are structured like a minicamp, taught by Maitre de Sabre Wang Yung. The goals of the mini-camp are to learn a system of footwork and blade-work that has earned Infinity Fencing Alliance members multiple World Championship gold medals in individual and team events. Students will learn through lectures, demonstrations, drills, feedback, and bouting.

The fencer will:
*Increase awareness and tactical use of space and time through: control of distance, timing and tempo on offence and defense. Because sabre is the fastest of the three fencing weapons, sabreurs benefit all the more from knowing how to create different timing.

*Create the foundation of, and then fine-tune, footwork: Maitre Yung wrote his maitre thesis on footwork and has been teaching his high-level footwork method since 2003. That footwork has been a key component in the success of many his students.

*Blade Technique: given the speed of sabre, making offensive and defensive sabre actions more fluid and efficient creates significant advantages to a sabreur. Maitre Yung has fine-tuned many of these skills, which he teaches in a clear and concise manner.

*Competition psychology and tactics: Because Maitre Wang is still an active international competitor (in addition to actively coaching), he is acutely aware of the psychological aspects of competing. The sabre intensives interweave the psychological and tactical aspects of bouting that are often overlooked by many other coaches who are no longer actively involved on an international fencing level.

*Competition readiness: incorporated into the class are discussions on pre-competition warm-up, how to evaluate an opponent and ones-self during a bout to make tactical and strategic alterations, how to calm any pre-bout nerves, and how to better read a bout director's calls.

*Fitness: Fencing specific drills and exercises are part of every class.

These sabre-intensive classes are open to intermediate through advanced level fencers who are either competing or want to compete in tournaments. That does not, however, mean that you must have a USFA rating to attend. Our students have ranged from Us to As; the common theme is that they desire to actively compete.

Maitre Yung Bio:
Maitre Yung has been fencing for forty years, and has been coaching for over 20. He has been a Maitre de Sabre since 2009, which is the highest form of coaching certificate endowed by the United States Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA). Maitre Yung is one of roughly 85 certified Fencing Masters in the country, and is one of four who are Maitre de Sabre in the U.S. His certification is recognized internationally by countries belonging to the Academie d'Armes Internationale.
Maitre Yung's students have been medalists ranging from: an Egyptian Olympic sabre fencer, international fencers on senior, junior and cadet levels, three Veteran World Champions (two with multiple gold medals to their name), collegiate fencers, and national, regional, and local sabreurs.

Maitre Wang also still competes, while continuing to coach. He has been a member of fourteen World Veteran Championship Teams representing the U.S.A., and has won medals in seven such World Championships including the individual gold. His students benefit from Maitre Yung's fencing as an active competitor because he is current on the latest changes in the rapidly evolving sport that is part of sabre fencing. He can, therefore, readily place himself in the shoes of his fencing students. That connection benefits the fencer through advanced technique and strategic lessons, but also the competition components of bouting.

You can find more information about Infinity at our website at:; you can also check out our Facebook page to get a feel for our fencing community:

We are located 20 minutes from Philadelphia, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ, about 45 minutes from Central Jersey, and about an 2 hours from the Baltimore/DC area and North Jersey/New York.

We hope that you can join us for these clinics and look forward to seeing you at our salle!

More info at:

The fee for the clinic is $65 for Infinity members and $85 for non-members. IFA Members pay at the door.

Clinic starts at 11am and goes until 2pm.