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Pre-Nationals Adult/Vet Epee Clinic     Jun 5, 2022
Windy City Fencing: Chicago, IL Pre-Nationals Adult/Vet Epee Training + Gameplan Development clinic led by Mark Wheeler. For ages 21 and older. 10am - 4:30pm @ Windy City Fencing
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   Map to 1535 N Dayton Street Chicago IL 60642
posted 05/09/2022
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- Training: dynamic warmup, footwork, bladework, drills
- Review of Mark’s “Concept of Playing: Mental Approach + Strategic Approach”
- Gameplan Development: Identifying offensive and defensive strengths and weaknesses and formulating strategic approaches for what to do after the referee says “Fence!”
- Bouting

Pre-registrants will receive an information packet with notes for review prior to the session.


9:45 AM Doors open
10:00 AM Check-in, introductions, clinic overview.
10:15 AM Review Concept of Playing
10:30 AM Dynamic warmup / Footwork / Bladework warmup
11:00 AM Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses / Drills / Bouting
12:30 PM Lunch (bring your own!), Review of P-Card Strategies
1:30 PM Warmup
1:45 PM Gameplan Development
2:00 PM Implementation time: Bouting!
4:00 PM Review / Discussion / Feedback
4:30 PM Bye-bye see you later!


Clinic fee = $75

Open to fencers age 21 and older.

The clinic will be limited to 25 participants. Must have current USA Fencing membership.

Minimum clinic size = 8 participants. If minimum size is not met, the clinic will be postponed and all fees paid will be refunded.

Bring a bag lunch or acquire lunch nearby (Chicago’s largest Whole Foods, with a variety of prepared foods, is just 3 blocks away. There is a Starbucks two blocks away). And bring a water bottle!

By participation in the session you acknowledge your acceptance of the terms of the waiver for the session (waiver provided to preregistrants).

Payment accepted through AskFred or via PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or old fashioned check.
Email for further info and/or payment.


Windy City Fencing is one of several gyms at the Menomonee Club’s Drucker Center location at 1535 N. Dayton.
Please bring full whites for fencing.
Locker rooms available for use by clinic participants.


Mark has been fencing for over 40 years and coaching for 12 years. Mark is an active competitor on the veteran epee circuit and has been a finalist in over 10 veteran NACs and National Championships. He won the Vet 60 Epee Championship at the Summer Nationals in 2015, earning a berth on the 2015 national veteran team for the world championships.

Mark earned his Moniteur certification in epee and foil in 2011. His coaching efforts are focused on adult and veteran epee fencers and has been coaching his students at national events for 12 years. He received a USA Fencing Coach’s Medal for his student who won the 2011 National Vet 40 Women’s Epee Championship in Reno. He’s also been involved in developing and coordinating epee training clinics for The Bay Cup since 2013, working with Michael Marx, Cody Mattern, Soren Thompson, and Sandra Marchant. He coached and co-led the adult/veteran epee program at the Academy of Fencing Masters in Sunnyvale, CA 2018-2019 and is now coaching and fencing at Windy City Fencing.

Mark has been leading a vet epee training class on Zoom since March 2020, with collaboration from Sandra Marchant and guests Kat Holmes, Cody Mattern, Soren Thompson, James Kaull, and Corwin Duncan (newcomers interested in a hybrid epee training model welcome!)

While not pursuing his fencing passions, Mark works as an environmental consultant, flexing his license to practice geology in the State of California.