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Official Referee Seminar w/David Sierra @ Atlantic     Oct 3, 2021
Atlantic Fencing Academy: Tinton Falls, NJ Official Referee Seminar with CRI and Domestic Assignments Committee member David Sierra
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   Map to 1 Shelia Drive Tinton Falls NJ 07724
posted 09/02/2021
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Certified Referee Instructor David Sierra of now relocated to New Jersey will be leading an official Referee Training Clinic on Sunday, October 3rd at Atlantic Fencing Academy. David Sierra is a highly experienced referee trainer and mentor, and has been a member of the USA National Referee Cadre for many years. He is a member of the Referees Commission Domestic Assignments Committee and regularly hires for and assigns at National events.

Seminar Goals
    The seminar is designed to give participants a solid understanding of the rules of the sport, referee ethics and professionalism, current interpretations of actions as well as right of way rules and how referees tend to call actions. The Seminar will cover Foil, Epee and Sabre, competition protocols and rules, right-of-way, penalties, field of play rules and responsibilities and overview of Wheelchair refereeing.

    This all-day seminar will include lecture, interactive exercises and practical training. It will run from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Bring a sack lunch :).

Intended Audience
    This clinic is for those seeking to referee; improve their personal game though a greater understanding of concepts, rules and applications of rules; coaches wanting to become current on the latest changes to concepts and rules from the FIE or parents wanting to understand the actions and applications in support of their fencers and clubs.

Registration Information
    The fee for this clinic is $75, payable in advance through FRED. You MUST pre-register by September 30th in order for us to provide enough of the written materials. Group discounts are available for multiple members of the same club who pre-register and pay in advance (please email for more details). Currently certified referees who are looking for continuing education and updates may attend the course for a discounted rate - please contact for registration information.

The Referee Certification Process
    The referee examination is a three step process. Steps 1 and 2 may be completed in any order and must both be completed before step 3.
    Step 1 is taking the official referee clinic from a Certified Referee Instructor (like this course!)
    Step 2 is passing the written referee exam online with a score of 90% in the general section and 90% on at least one of the three weapon-specific sections
    Step 3 is passing a referee practical observation. Referee practical exams are available from David Sierra or other CRIs and CRO's at Regional and Local events.

    For those looking for written training material or interested in passing the referee exam, it is strongly recommended that you read the Referee Study Guide. This guide may be downloaded from the USA Fencing Referees Commission website at

Frequently Asked Questions
Will practical observations be given at this clinic?
No practical exams will be conducted at this clinic. I have found that unless the candidates are extremely well prepared, and basically only taking the certification course to check off a box, candidates do better taking the practical exam at a different time than the clinic. Also, this will give you time to study the rulebook and take your time passing the exam.

I am not interested in refereeing just yet, but I want to know more about the rules. Should I attend this clinic?
Absolutely! The official referee clinic is one of the best ways to get up-to-date rules interpretations from an experienced national level referee instructor.

Can parents attend?
Yes. Parents are more than welcome to attend.

Why should I attend training specifically with you?
The official referee training seminar is a standard course with the same materials presented by each instructor. However, individual instructors bring their own style and presentation abilities to the clinic. In addition to being a Fencing Master, a highly experienced referee trainer, and a current hiring and assigning official at the national level, David Sierra is a former college professor with an engaging and personal style. This will not be endless hours of lecture simply reading from PowerPoint slides! Expect to be challenged and involved in discussions, small group activities, and movement based exercises that will help you not to just learn the rules, but the how's and why's of refereeing!

Health & Safety Policies:
Face masks MUST BE worn at all times: regardless whether you are fully vaccinated or not.
Anyone who is asked to quarantine in advance of the event, please contact us for a full refund.