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Crazy Mark & DinoGirl's Vet Epee Zoom SuperSession     Nov 8, 2020
Crazy Mark's Zoom Room: Chicago, IL Veteran Epee 90-Min Online Training Session led by Mark Wheeler and Sandra Marchant. Coaches welcome! Sharing of home training ideas encouraged! Open to fencers and coaches age 25 and older ("Baby" Vets allowed!)
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posted 10/17/2020
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Join Mark Wheeler and Sandra Marchant for an online veteran epee training session with friends from all over the US!


Many of our veteran fencing community are still “exercising an abundance of caution” and are not feeling ready to re-enter our fencing clubs on a regular basis, or at all, until things are a little safer indoors.

Mark and Sandra have been co-coaching an online vet epee training class on Zoom since March 2020. As it looks like many in the veteran fencing community will be relying on some level of training at home for a while longer, they would love to share some of their "home fencing salle" training drills with you in this online training session.

They would also like to make this an opportunity for other fencers and coaches to share any of their home training ideas or drills in this online training forum.


Sunday November 8, 2020

10 AM West Coast
12 PM Third Coast
1 PM East Coast
Session duration: approx 90 minutes
Session fee: $15

Guaranteed to give you $15 worth of exercise, footwork, and fencing with dummies. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Preregistration with prepayment required for participation.
Zoom link and password will be provided to preregistrants.


Training Session will include:
- Dynamic warmup
- Footwork warmup and drills
- Blade work with target / dummy
- Point control drills
- Reaction drills
- HIIT / TABATA drills
- Closing review / feedback / share session - demos by participants welcome!

(If there is sufficient interest, a follow-up session for coaches to share their suggestions for online or home drills will be scheduled.)


- A target or dummy
- Space to do footwork in front of your dummy
- A laptop or Ipad (with Zoom software loaded and ready!) set up adjacent to the dummy
- Workout clothes, glove, two epees, and a soup spoon

Additional setup instructions will be provided to preregistrants.


By participation in the session you acknowledge your acceptance of the terms of the waiver for the session (waiver provided to preregistrants).


Sandra has been fencing for 25 years and coaching for over 12 years. Sandra is an active competitor on the veteran epee circuit and has been a finalist in over 30 National / International competitions. In 2011 she won both gold medals at the annual Can/Am Cup in the Vet Open and Vet Age age events and in 2014 won double gold medals at the North American Cup in Minneapolis, MN in the Vet Open and Vet Age events. In 2019 she took gold in the Veteran Women's 40-49 Epee Summer National Championships. She has been named to the USA Fencing's Honorary 2020 Veteran World Championship Team.

She earned her Moniteur certification in epee and foil in 2011. She is a full-time fencing coach and is currently working at four locations! She is the Head Coach and founder of Prospect Fencing Club, Prospect, CT (12 years to present), the Head Epee Coach at Silver City Fencing in Wallingford, CT, Assistant Coach at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY, and is teaching fencing at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. In 2016 her High School Men’s Foil Team won the Connecticut State Championships and in 2018 and 2019 her High School Men’s Epee Team won the State Championship. Her students have gone on to fence at Sacred Heart University, Vassar, Haverford, Stevens and Drew.


Mark been fencing for 35 years and coaching for over 10 years. Mark is an active competitor on the veteran epee circuit and has been a finalist in over 10 veteran NACs and National Championships. He won the Vet 60 Epee Championship at the Summer Nationals in 2015, earning a berth on the 2015 national veteran team for the world championships.

Mark earned his Moniteur certification in epee and foil in 2011. His coaching efforts are focused on veteran epee fencers and has been coaching his students at national events for 10 years. He received a USA Fencing Coach’s Medal for his student who won the 2011 National Vet 40 Women’s Epee Championship in Reno. He’s also been involved in developing and coordinating epee training clinics for The Bay Cup since 2013, working with Michael Marx, Cody Mattern, and Soren Thompson. He has been coaching and co-leading the adult/veteran epee program at the Academy of Fencing Masters in Sunnyvale, CA for the last two years and is now also coaching at Windy City Fencing. While not pursuing his fencing passions, he works as an environmental consultant and helps run The Bay Cup.