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TWC Saturday Halloween Sign Up     Oct 31, 2020
Salle Palasz: Catonsville, MD To make sure we stay within our capacity we must limit practice to 25 fencers. Please sign up if your son plans to attend practice. 10:00am - 12:45pm
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   Map to 1120 N Rolling Rd Catonsville MD 21228
posted 09/28/2020
More Info
To make sure we stay within our capacity we must limit practice to 25 fencers. Please sign up if your son plans to attend practice. 10:00am - 12:45pm
Preregistration opens on 09/28/2020.
Preregistration closes on 10/31/2020.

We know the kids are missing out on a lot of fun seasonal things this year, so we're trying to make sure they have some safe fun opportunities still. With that in mind, we are still going to have the Halloween celebration at the 10/31/2020 TWC practice.

Since the Halloween celebration is normally part of regular practice we can use all the same measures we have in place for practice to keep things safe, including signing up in advance and limiting numbers.
We will be adjusting some of the activities to help maintain safety (for example, we won't be bobbing for apples this year.)

Normally the kids come in and do their normal warm ups and some athletic activities before we switch into party activities. So they aren't typically allowed to wear costumes. This year we're going to allow costumes and devote the whole practice to party activities since they are probably missing out on other Halloween socializing. The boys have already been reminded to keep in mind that TWC covers an age range of 8 to 18 so costumes need to be reasonable enough not to overwhelm the younger fencers. They should also be selected with an awareness of the need for a facemask and social distancing.

The boys should still all have a scary or halloween themed story to share. (Selected with the same consideration of the wide age range. Also selected with an appreciation for brevity).

FIA fencers are currently welcome to attend the TWC Saturday practices (the boys are also welcome to attend the FIA online practices), so FIA fencers can attend this as well.

Currently we've been sticking to afternoon practice since rotating to accommodate other activities doesn't have as much impact right now. For the Halloween party though we will be using a morning time slot of 10:00am - 12:45pm. This is a little modified because we have classes at 1pm as well.

Covid Safety Measures

Baltimore County is now requiring masks for all indoor activities therefore masks will be worn throughout practice. We have the Leon Paul fencing mask inserts (compatible with all masks) available on site for $2.

1. We're only allowing quarter capacity for most events instead of the recommended half capacity.

2. We have a germicidal fogger to clean the club.

3. We have bulk industrial size bottles of hand sanitizer spread throughout the club.

4. Touchless antibacterial soap dispensers and touchless paper towel dispensers are in the bathrooms. There are now four bathrooms available instead of just the one.

5. We are requiring masks as people enter the club, and when they’re leaving the club. Masks ARE required during fencing activity.

6. Social distancing will be encouraged and maintained outside of drill activities and fencing. We will avoid drills and games with high contact components.

7. We are not permitting spectators or visitors during club activities in order to keep the number of people in the space low. Parents are encouraged to drop off fencers for activities rather than to remain at the club.

11. We have set up a system at entry to avoid people congregating in the entryway. It directs people to hand sanitizer and a sign in log when they’re entering the club.

12. We are maintaining a sign in log to track who is at the club when. We are taking and logging temperature.

13. We have two water bottle filling stations so fencers can safely get water without using the traditional water fountain.

14. We will limit capacity in changing rooms to also maintain social distancing.