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Sabre Coaching Clinic with Maitre David Sierra     May 30, 2020 - May 31, 2020
Cutting Edge Fencing Center: North Richland Hills, TX Fundamental Technical Elements of Coaching the Individual Sabre Lesson presented by Maitre David Sierra.
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   Map to 7601 Blvd 26, STE 131 North Richland Hills TX 76180
posted 01/23/2020
More Info
Fundamental Technical Elements of Coaching the Individual Sabre Lesson

Venue: Cutting Edge Fencing Center, 7601 Blvd 26, North Richland Hills, TX 76180
Dates: May 30-31, 2020
Instructor: David Sierra, Maitre d’Escrime, Sabre
Target Audience: Novice, Aide-Moniteur, and Moniteur level sabre coaches or experienced coaches looking for continuing education

Cost: $150 USFCA members; $200 non-USFCA Members. Partial scholarships available for novice coaches (less than two years of coaching, no certification).
Registration link:

Clinic Overview: Coaches will be instructed in methodologies of individual sabre lesson instruction including the technical elements of cuing, calibration, fixing, and release. Pedagogy utilizing both blade and distance will be presented with an emphasis on the implications of Maitre Sierra’s work on classification of footwork preparations as applied to the coach. Participants will work on taking a basic structure of a lesson, and then modifying different aspects of distance and timing to train different capacities on the part of the student. Attendees are encouraged to bring a student or students to work with, otherwise students will be provided from the host club (students will have the opportunity to work with various different instructors over the course of the weekend).

    Saturday, June 6 12:30 PM - 7 PM.
    Sunday, June 7 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM.
    USFCA Exams are available after the main clinic hours on Sunday. Please contact Maitre Sierra well in advance.
    Optional Session Saturday Morning 9-11:30 AM on Curriculum and Pedagogical planning for coaching of competitive fencers (Lecture and discussion).

Curriculum Content:

  • Technical elements of lesson coaching in sabre
    • Methodologies of cuing
      • Cuing with the voice, blade, distance, and timing
      • Differences in the same invitation made from various distances
      • Changes in footwork (size, speed, etc) to elicit a response from the student.
      • Differences in using the same type of invitation but with different timing
      • Using a change of timing elicit a different action from the student
      • Combination of actions to cue different actions

    • Calibrating the student’s actions
      • Blade presentation including counter-attacking
      • Subtle distance manipulation including which foot to use in various scenarios
      • The role of a deliberate mistake vs a different time or distance

  • Pedagogical concerns to keep in mind
    • Lesson Progression
      • The use of a written lesson plan
      • Introducing options though varied distance and timing
      • Starting stationary moving to longer and more complex actions
      • Lesson modifications using different distance and timing

    • Other concerns
      • Modifications for younger athletes and veterans
      • Using mobile lessons to teach fundamental concepts that can be applied to the off the line game.
      • Premeditated vs partially premeditated actions

About the Instructor Maitre David Sierra is the Founder and Head Coach of Cutting Edge Fencing. Involved in the sport of fencing since 1993, Maitre Sierra is certified as a Fencing Master by the US Fencing Coaches Association and the International Academy of Arms. He also attended the Pan-American Fencing Coaching Education Course in El Salvador as the USA Representative in 2017. His students have won numerous medals at Regional and National level competitions, and he has trained athletes who attend strong NCAA programs including Notre Dame University, The United States Air Force Academy and Stevens Institute of Technology. Maitre Sierra currently serves on the Certification and Accreditation Board for the US Fencing Coaches Association. A scientist by formal education, he brings an analytical and systematic approach to training athletes.