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Ref Clinic - Abdel Aziz & Intl Ref Fikrat Valiyev     Dec 21, 2019
Nazlymov Fencing: Washington, DC Clinic by Abdel Aziz along with the famous International Sabre referee Fikrat Valiyev on December 21, 2019 11AM at Nazlymov Fencing. Fencers, parents and coaches are welcome. Please check "More Info" for more details
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   Map to 4800 Wisconsin Avenue, NW - Entrance 42nd St NW Washington DC 20016
posted 11/16/2019
More Info
Referee Clinic and Advanced Sabre Ref Development Clinic

Come and join us for the Referee Clinic lead by Certified Referee Instructor and International referee Abdel Aziz along with the famous Olympic referee Fikrat Valiyev hosted by Nazlymov Fencing Foundation on Saturday December 21, 2019 11 AM. The Clinic, will help introduce the fencing rules to fencers, coaches and parents, and will help you to interpret these rules and learn how to apply them.

Practical Observation

You will have the chance to be observed and get a rating at same location on Sunday December 22nd, 2019 (more information to follow). If you want to attend the practical exam please send en email to Abdel at with your name, and the weapons to be tested at.

To be able to attend the practical you will have to:
If under 18
Have a current USFencing membership

If 18 or up
1- Have a current USFencing membership
2- You upgraded your membership to +Checked
3- Passed the USFecncing Background screening (check your USFencing profile)
4- Completed the Safe Sport Training (check your USFencing profile)

Who is Abdel Aziz

Abdel Aziz is one of the most experienced referees in the US. He obtained his international referee license from FIE in 1979 and has had extensive international experience from officiating numerous Cadet, Junior and Senior World Cups since then in all three weapons. He is known in all Nationals, and NCAA events as well as working in all major fencing events around the US and Canada.
Abdel has also an extensive experience as a fencer, coach, head referee, referee assignor and tournament organizer.
As a fencer, Abdel was member of the Egyptian National Team from 1976 to 1984 and his achievements include 14 Egypt national titles.

As a coach, Abdel was the assistant head coach of Egypt National Team on 1984, worked as Fencing Coach for the US Sports Academy in Saudi Arabia in 1985, and was the National Team Head Coach for Egypt in 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990. Abdel worked also as the Foil and Epee coach at Brooklyn Fencing Center in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

As a tournament organizer, Abdel is known by organizing the largest and most successful USFencing Regional Events all over the US including the very known The American Challenge, The Fairfax Challenge, The Arnold Classic, Premier Challenge, Ben Gutenberg SYC and much of other famous events.

Who is Fikrat Valiyev

- Leading FIE Referee, Rio 2016 Olympics
- Judged 5 last Senior World Championships (2013-18)
- Judged 8 Junior World Championships (2012-19)

Fikrat Valiyev, leading FIE 3-weapon referee conducting Sabre Ref Development Clinic. Mr. Valiyev officiated at the last 11 World Championships and Rio'16 Olympics.

Aspiring referees - Fencers, parents, or coaches who want to understand ROW better in Sabre as well as practical application of the rules in the Rule Book;
Anyone - wants to get an insight into what FIE referee is looking for in making the call;
Coaches - who want to refresh their grasp of current interpretation of actions by this FIE Referee and National Coach;

Fikrat will go over a number of clips selected by the FIE Referee Commission followed by a select touch analysis of Women Sabre Bronze medal match at Leipzig'17 Worlds.

Video for Advanced Sabre Ref Dev Clinic will be presented by Fikrat Valiyev and Vitali Nazlymov. 15 select actions from World Fencing Championships Women's Sabre Bronze medal match directed by Fikrat Valiyev and Ilgin Gugluer

- Visit YouTube post that tells the story of Fikrat's accomplishments as both a coach and a referee.

Online Test and Study Guide
You can review or download the USFA Referee Study Guide in PDF format here

Go to to download the FIE rule book, Penalty Chart and for other important downloads.

All participants are required to take online test here before or after attending the seminar

The cost of the seminar is $95 a person.

For more information contact Abdel Aziz or Vitali Nazlymov