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Referee Clinic with Sean Shumate     Nov 2, 2019 - Nov 3, 2019
Lake Place Homes Party Room: Shoreview, MN Referee clinic with Sean Shumate! $75 Clinic for those who ref, are interested in reffing, or just understanding the rules better.
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   Map to 3425 Kent St, Shoreview, MN 55126 Shoreview MN 55126
posted 09/23/2019
More Info
Refereeing Seminar & Practical Exam by CRI Sean Shumate!

Nov 2, seminar. 9am. Estimated 5 hour run time. Please bring your own lunch. A kitchenette with fridge and microwave are available.
Nov 3, observation at the Gopher Open. Link to Gopher Open information:

Sean Shumate is a national and international referee with a strong saber rating and is providing a referee seminar for those interested in becoming a certified referee. Sean is certified instructor and observer with extensive experience in teaching seminars across the U.S. He is a referee assignor for events National events and often Head referee for local tournaments. Sean is a member of the National referee development committee. He has been involved in fencing for over 20 years and participates in the Athens Paralympics as an athlete and was a referee for the London and Rio Paralympic games.

-Certified Referee Instructor & Examiner in the USFA
"Examiners are experienced referees who are appointed by the Referee Development Committee who are able to give the practical examination for referee certification. Examiners work at the local and regional level to help educate and develop people who are interested in refereeing."

Attending an official FOC-sanctioned clinic is a prerequisite. The Referee Development Seminar will provide you with a broad understanding of the role, responsibilities, and duties of a referee, as well as refine your sense of right of way, timing, and application of the penalties.

Payment is $75 for the seminar + observation, or $25 for just an observation. If you would like only an observation, please fill out the google form, link below. The MN High School Association is introducing a new program this year to reimburse clinic and exam fees: The fees for the clinic and the general exam plus one weapon exam will be reimbursed provided the individual earns a rating and referees at least two high school dates (dual meets, SPA Invitational, Holy Family Giant Dual Meet, State Meet (either one or two days)). This year the Coaches Assoc. is looking to expand the referee pool which is why the reimbursement program is only open to new referees. Further questions can be directed to Harold Buck at

Who should attend:
- Aspiring referees, who want to learn how right of way and rules are being applied at a national and international level
- Athletes, who want to improve their games and get a more complete understanding of their sport
- Coaches, who want to maintain their grasp of current interpretations and rules updates
- Parents, who want a better understanding of tournament format and the basics of sport fencing for their children
- Current referees, who need to fulfill their yearly requirement for seminar attendance or further their personal development

If you do not have an askFRED account and do not want to create one - you can pre-register through this google form. Please also use this form to pre-register if you only want to be observed:

Preregistration opens on 09/23/2019.
Preregistration closes on 11/01/2019.