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Virginia Division Referee Clinic     Nov 30, 2019 - Dec 1, 2019
Nova Fencing Club: Falls Church, VA Virginia Division Referee Clinic hosted by Nova Fencing Club in Falls Church, Virginia taught by Rylan Delap.
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   Map to 3431 Carlin Springs Rd., Suite E Falls Church VA 22041
posted 08/30/2019
More Info
The Virginia Division Fall Referee Clinic is being hosted at NOVA Fencing Club and taught by FIE Referee Rylan Delap.

The Virginia Division has implemented a new Referee Reimbursement Policy for Virginia Division members only. New and aspiring referees will be reimbursed for the cost of the clinic as well as the $35 upgrade in the USFA membership.

The Requirements:
1. Pass Written Test
2. Attend Virginia Division Referee Clinic
3. Be observed by the presenter at the tournament following the clinic
4. Pass Safesport Exam to obtain your Professional Membership
5. Referee at (2) two Virginia Division Sanctioned tournaments

Upon completing steps 1 through 3, please email the our Treasurer (Ted Smith) at with a screenshot of your Written Test result for an initial reimbursement of $55.

Upon completing steps 4 and 5, send another email to our Treasurer with the names and dates of the tournaments in order to receive the balance reimbursement of $55.

These requirements are set to improve and increase the referee pool that supports the Virginia Division of USA Fencing, LLC.

It is our goal to facilitate 100% of all future reimbursements/payments to participants and referees utilized by the VA Division via PayPal or Venmo.

Rylan Delap has refereed for over 15 years and is a now current international and national referee for US Fencing. Rylan is the president of the Alabama division for US Fencing, the executive director of the Southeast Fencing Organization and the chairman of the southeast for the United States Coaches Association. Rylan competed on the varsity fencing team at Penn State University fencing team from 2010-2014. He now is the executive director of the Auburn Fencing Club and the Wiregrass Fencing Club in Alabama. He hopes to further the development and understanding of the sport of fencing in the southeast region where he came from.
Rylan's seminars are heavily focused on discussion and application of right-of-way. His seminars are extremely useful to fencers and coaches as they cover rules, RoW, and psychological componenets essential for those not only refereeing, but competing and coaching at the regional, national, and international level of fencing.

Location: Nova Fencing Club
3431 Carlin Springs Rd., Suite E.
Falls Church, VA 22041

Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time: 5:00 pm goal (extended if necessary)


Members of Va Division - $75 per person payable to Virginia Division at the door. The fee is refundable after fulfilling the above mentioned requirements.

Outside of Va Division - $75 per person payable to Nova Fencing Club at the door.

Evaluation: December 1st Santa' Revenge Tournament at Nova Fencing Club.

About the Referee Development Clinic
The Referee Development Clinic will provide you with a broad understanding of the role, responsibilities, and duties of a referee, as well as refine your sense of right of way, timing, and application of the penalties.

Attending an official FOC-sanctioned clinic is a prerequisite for becoming a certified USA Fencing referee, along with successful completion of a written exam. Once a passing score (90%) has been achieved on the written exam (both the general section and one or more weapon-specific sections) a referee receives a rating of "P" in each weapon passed. Further ratings improvements (1-10) can be obtained at a later date by being evaluated in a practical setting at tournaments. Please make sure that your USFA Membership is current, the background check is complete and the attendees complete SafeSport program.

Written Exams
The written test is now offered online and typically taken shortly following the clinic, though it may be taken in advance:

If you plan to sit the exam, please make sure that you have adequately prepared by going through the Study Guide:

Who should attend
This clinic is recommended for:
- Aspiring referees - who want to learn how right of way and rules are being applied at a national and international level;
- Athletes - who want to improve their games and get a more complete understanding of their sport;
- Coaches - who want to maintain their grasp of current interpretations and rules updates;
- Parents - who want a better understanding of tournament format and the basics of sport fencing for their children; and
- Current referees - who need to fulfill their yearly requirement for seminar attendance or further their personal development.