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Transformative & Creative Approaches to Coaching     Mar 9, 2019 - Mar 10, 2019
Nova Fencing Club: Falls Church, VA Innovative clinic that breaks with all previous clinic formats. Facilitated by Kaidanov & Pezza, it incorporates an interactive approach with creative problem-solving sessions. The clinic will draw on participants' knowledge and creativity.
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   Map to 3431 Carlin Springs Rd., Suite E Falls Church VA 22041
posted 08/11/2018
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Foil, Epee, Saber Coaching Clinic with member of USFA Hall Of Fame, the most winning coach in NCAA History, 4-times NCAA Coach-of-the-Year, 12-times National Championship Coach Maestro Emik Kaidanov and Maestro Gil Pezza, former member of Italian National Fencing Team, National Coach of Women's Epee, one of the most successful fencing coaches in NCAA history, current Chair of Certification and Accreditation Board of the USFCA.

The value of this clinic is in its synergy between the two sessions, epee and foil. Therefore, the two sessions must be considered as a one and not viewed separately. Time restrictions, would not allow us to follow an identical format for both epee and foil. So on the first day of the clinic we discuss interactively strategy, tactics and risk management together with several sessions designed to challenge your creativity, The practical drills sessions during the first day will be primarily demonstrative and cover essential skills, many of which apply equally to foil. The second day of the clinic the focus will be primarily on the methodology of teaching a weapon, in this case foil by following a logical progression, in which the participants will be actively engaged.

The strategic/tactical focus of the first day is aimed at understanding and being able to teach the conceptual framework of fencing, in this case epee, so that technique can be plugged into a tactical framework and purpose. This skill then can be applied to any of the weapons in fencing, By the same token, the second day emphasizes the ability to understand and being able to coach by using a logical progression. This skill too, once learned, can be applied to any weapon and, most importantly, allow coaches to develop their very own methodology.

Preregistration opens on 08/11/2018.
Preregistration closes on 03/09/2019.

Clinic Start: Saturday, March 9 at 9am
Sunday, March 10 at 9am

Cost $210 for both days. Breakfast, lunch and late afternoon snack are catered both days.

Dealing with transformation in fencing: The need for a creative approach to coaching.

As fencing continues to change with little resemblance to its past character, coaches are struggling to cope with this transformation. The goal of this unique clinic is to promote a creative approach to the methodology of coaching fencing. This, to inspire coaches find or perfect a powerful path for the creative development of innovative ideas and effective new solutions; as well as lead them to develop their very own, personalized, style and approach to the profession of arms.

Two eminent fencing Masters, Emmanuil Kaidanov and Gil Pezza, from different schools of fencing and with diverse professional backgrounds, will act as facilitators for this clinic.
Emik Kaidanov Bio:
Gil Pezza Bio:

The agenda for the clinic is located at:

Attendee information form is located at:

The Goals of the Clinic:

Focus on learning on how to think as a Fencing Master
Provides a systematic approach and a path for developing fencers through a step by step methodology including:
(a) The understanding of weapon strategic principles
(b) The development of certain essential skills
(c) The understanding of Optimal Moments (OMS )to strike the opponent and for opponent to strike your fencer
(d) The dissection of each one of these OMs in the lesson and drills.
(e) The integration of all of the above in the tactics of the bout (score tied, leading and trailing)

Uniqueness of Clinic:

Format: Kaidanov and Pezza are Facilitators – distinguished professional coaches with tremendous National and International experience.
• The knowledge of all participants is brought to bear and shared
• Interactive Approach
• Creative problem solving Teamwork Session
The clinic will follow a unique interactive inter-weapon approach revolving around identification of key strategic concepts by weapon as they impact a variety of tactical situations. To foster innovation, clinic participants will be challenged with a series of creative problem solving teamwork sessions.

The practical section of clinic will focus on the essential fencing skills needed by young, beginning, fencers to succeed in modern fencing; with a strong emphasis on the instruction of tempo, acceleration and distance.

Who should attend: Because knowledge at this clinic will be shared interactively, it is open to all fencing coaches and aspiring fencing coaches.

Weapon Focus: This is an inter-weapon clinic with emphasis on foil/epee. A special, advanced, saber session is currently being planned.

Moniteur testing in all 3 weapons will be available at clinic for all candidates who have taken and passed the corresponding online exam.