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Beginner Youth Camp at Olympia FC     Jul 23, 2018 - Jul 27, 2018
Olympia Fencing Center: Cambridge, MA Co-ed camp for children ages 8-12. Little or no experience required. Designed for fencers to develop new skills through fencing, drills, conditioning, workshops & games. 9:00AM-3:00PM, $95.00/day Free 2 hours extended pick up.
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   Map to 127 Smith Pl. Cambridge MA 02138
posted 02/08/2018
More Info
Our camps offer a fun and engaging introduction to the sport of fencing, where body and mind work together!

Little or no experience required.

Beginner fencers will acquire basic fencing skills, including footwork, blade work, and distance control. They will be introduced to electrical equipment and understand fencing etiquette, rules and sportsmanship.
Those who already have some fencing experience will enhance their skills, learn about situational bouts and get the chance to practice longer hours.

Attention: askFred only collects a deposit fee, which will be included in your payment.
Payments can be completed on your first day, by check, credit card or cash.
A minimum of three days are required.

Camp hours: 9:30 AM-3:00 PM, $95.00/day (10% sibling discount)

Two hours free extension is offered for those that need to be picked up later in the day.
There is a large lounge to hang out during off training hours, after the drop off and before the pick-up times, with books and games, a TV set and computer.
Fridge available for perishable items.

What to bring:

1. Long athletic pants (mandatory during fencing, shorts can be worn for stretching, footwork and games).
2. Sport shoes (tennis shoes are good)
3. Extra T-shirt
4. Water bottle (cooler is available)
5. Bagged lunch.
(Iggy's bakery store is three minutes away).
6. Registration Form and Medical release, available on our website:

Prior or on the day of the camp every camper must register for USA Fencing Association non-competitive membership (cost $10.00) and bring a proof of registration at the first day of camp. To register, go to the USA Fencing website ( and click "Join now".
Please wait until before the camp to complete this step, to make sure you're up to date for the 2017-2018 fencing season.

If less than 10 people register to the camp, it might be canceled, in which case the deposit would be refunded in full. Email notifications will be sent out to campers with updates.

Email us with any questions:

Pre registration closes on 06/16/2018.

There is a minimum number of TEN registered campers required for the camp to happen.
If by the registration deadline (June 16, 2018) this requirement is not meet, the camp will be officially cancelled and the fees refunded (less the askfred fee).