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January 2018 Referee Clinic with Mary Mahon     Jan 13, 2018
North Texas Fencing Alliance: McKinney, TX Mary Mahon, a Certified Referee Instructor, will be holding a one day referee clinic with a tournament the following day for observation. The tournament will also be held at NTFA.
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   Map to 194 Industrial Blvd, Suite #103 McKinney TX 75069
posted 12/21/2017
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FRED Announces the January 2018 Referee Clinic with Mary Mahon

Mary Mahon, Certified Referee Instructor, will hold a one day referee clinic with an observation tournament the following day. The seminar and tournament will also be held at NORTH TEXAS FENCING ALLIANCE in McKinney, Texas.

------------------ Important Info: -------------------

This seminar isn't just for aspiring referees, but also for current referees, athletes, coaches, division officers, and parents. Participation in this clinic will allow individuals to further their understanding of current right-of-way application, rules, and tournament format.

We will need two foil, two epee and two sabre fencers for the seminar around 3 pm on Saturday. Please contact the Division secretary to volunteer.

Everyone who desires a referee rating should take the online exam prior to the seminar, but no later than one week after the seminar.

    Day One - Seminar

08:00 Sign-in
08:30 Lecture with running slideshow, videos, lots of paper hand-outs, athlete demos, and interactive activities. I encourage people to take notes as we cover a massive amount of information.
12:00 Lunch (provided by Division)
3:00 Demonstrations of actions with sets of athletes. Mary will run through some actions and basic concepts and then have the athletes free-fence. I will work with the seminar participants on making the calls.
    Day Two - Observation Tournament

Referees will be given a quick orientation of what Mary is looking for as they referee before the tournament starts. Mary will observe each seminar participatant. Depending on the strength of the tournament, and the expertise of the seminar participant, ratings of 7 to 10 may be earned.

The tournament will be held at NTFA on Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018. Sign up on Askfred in the tournament section if you want to participate.

$25/ North Texas Division Member only (select "No" for additional fees)
$75/ non-NTXD member (select "Yes" for additional fees to pay online)

Please preregister. Payment at the door may be made by CASH OR CHECK ONLY (payable to NTXD).

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Preregistration closes on 01/12/2018

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