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Referee clinic with Mark Stasinos     Feb 10, 2018 - Feb 11, 2018
Lake Place Homes Party Room: Shoreview, MN Refereeing Seminar & Practical Exam by the Fencing Master Mark Stasinos, Member of the Fencing Official Commission(FOC)Certified Referee Instructor & Examiner!
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   Map to 3425 Kent St Shoreview MN 55126
posted 12/04/2017
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Minnesota Fencing Division proudly announces:

Refereeing Seminar & Practical Exam by the Fencing Master Mark Stasinos,

-Member of the Fencing Official Commission(FOC)
-Certified Referee Instructor & Examiner in the USFA
"Examiners are experienced referees who are appointed by the Referee Development Committee who are able to give the practical examination for referee certification. Examiners work at the local and regional level to help educate and develop people who are interested in refereeing."
-Fencing master(Maitre d'Arme) all 3 weapons, Switzerland in 86
-Former Vice Chair of the USFA
-43 years of sports participation.
-National & International Fencing Referee
-US Fencing board member for 26 years
-Former Tournament Committee Chair
-Former coach of the Brigham Young University Fencing program & Coach for Salle d' Escrime

Attending an official FOC-sanctioned clinic is a prerequisite to becoming a USFA referee. The Referee Development Seminar will provide you with a broad understanding of the role, responsibilities, and duties of a referee, as well as refine your sense of right of way, timing, and application of the penalties.

USFA Referee Study Guide:

Fencing Rule Book:

Online written test is required:
(you can do this before the seminar or on Saturday night during the seminar weekend)

Payment is $75 for the seminar, preregistration on AskFred required.

Date: February 10-11 2018
Seminar Feb 10 @ 8:30 am (at the Lake Place Homes Party Room, address above). End time depends on participants - previous clinics have ended between 3 and 5 pm.
Practical Exam Feb 11 at the Holy Family Giant Dual Meet (Holy Family Catholic High School, 8101 Kochia Ln, Victoria, MN 55386). Fencing will be 9am-3pm, please expect to arrive a little earlier.

Who should attend:
- Aspiring referees, who want to learn how right of way and rules are being applied at a national and international level
- Athletes, who want to improve their games and get a more complete understanding of their sport
- Coaches, who want to maintain their grasp of current interpretations and rules updates
- Parents, who want a better understanding of tournament format and the basics of sport fencing for their children
- Current referees, who need to fulfill their yearly requirement for seminar attendance or further their personal development.

Preregistration opens on 12/04/2017.
Preregistration closes on 02/08/2018.