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Rules & Refereeing Clinic with Mark Stasinos     Sep 8, 2012
NorthWest Fencing Center (NWFC): Beaverton, OR Join us for an USFA Referee Seminar given by Mr. Mark Stasinos, a long-time member USFA Fencing Officials Commission (FOC). Coaches, fencers, tournament organizers, and involved parents are invited. This seminar is required to become a USFA referee.
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   Map to 4950 SW Western Avenue Beaverton OR 97005
posted 08/09/2012
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The Oregon Division of USA Fencing presents The Rules & Refereeing Clinic with Mark Stasinos

Join us for clinic on fencing rules and refereeing hosted by Mark Stasinos, a long-time member USFA Fencing Officials Commission (FOC). Mr. Stasinos has been involved with fencing for over 40 years in many roles: former USFA Vice President, Pacific Northwest section chair, coach, club owner, referee assigner, national and international referee, and member of the FOC. He is a recognizable face to anyone who competes at the national level, and is a frequent referee at major events in the Western Washington Division such as the Leon Auriol Open and Battle in Seattle.

This clinic will be of great interest to all fencers as well as parents - not just those interested in refereeing. It will cover the rules as they are written, as well as a discussion of how the rules are currently being interpreted and applied by referees. As a fencer, you will want to know this information in order to better understand what the referees are looking for so that you can make your fencing more effective. A solid understanding of the rules is essential for everyone! Attendees from outside the Oregon Division are welcome to attend.

The clinic will run from 9am to 6pm on Saturday September 8th at the Northwest Fencing Center in Beaverton, with a break for lunch (bring a lunch.)

Attendance at this clinic fulfills the prerequisites needed for taking the written and practical referee exams. Testing to be a referee is optional, but encouraged. Attendees are encouraged to review the rulebook and study guide, which can be found on

Mr. Stasinos also will be present on Sunday Sept. 9th at the division’s Fall 2012 RYC tournament held at NWFC to evaluate referees who wish to apply their new skills.

The Oregon Division hosts referee clinics infrequently (one was held in 2006.) Normally, this clinic is given at Summer Nationals, so don't miss the opportunity to attend the clinic when it's nearby!

The Oregon Division is always looking for ways to encourage local fencers to get involved with refereeing. The normal price for this clinic is $50 per person. However, the Oregon Division will be offering this clinic at a subsidized rate of $25/person for the first twenty (20) OR-DIV members who sign up.

If you are already a rated referee and Oregon Division resident who has worked a Division-hosted event (RYC, JO or Summer National Qualifier) during the last two years), we will waive the $25 cost. As an added bonus, for those referee candidates who study for and pass at least one weapon test by the end of the weekend (taking the test on-line before the seminar is highly recommended), we will refund your $25 payment (if you pay one.)

And if you referee the Sept. 9 event (i.e. y10 events) we will pay you another $25 signing bonus plus the normal honorarium you would earn as a referee. Rated referees who successfully earn a “higher” (lower) rating during the weekend will also be eligible for this one-time bonus. In short, the successful new referee (or one earning a new better rating) will get a free seminar plus $25 and as well as receive an honorarium for working the RYC. People from outside the Oregon Division are welcome to attend the seminar, but will be unsubsidized (i.e. pay full referee seminar cost, and not get the $25 referee bonus.)

Please pay for with the seminar with a check made out to the Oregon Division, or with cash. Credit cards not accepted.

The clinic will be held at:
Northwest Fencing Center
4950 SW Western Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon, 97005-3428

We hope to see you there!